9 Jun 2009


we're ill. except pablo, lucky bastard. rosario is massively busy: taking florentina (aged 6) swimming at 5pm, as well as early morning torture yoga. basically i'm the ill one -  a cold / mild flu / man flu , so i'm drinking peppermint tea and cooking mini pinky potatoes that we bought from a midget peruvian in palermo. 

we're getting all the catalogues ready to send send send. last night we cut and folded about 50 , and today we've been stuffing them and stamping them. here is pablo the stamper.

and here is pablo pulling angry cat face.

the catalogues look nice, the paper is a bit flimsy, but it cost mucho because it's non bleached and eco as the icelandic . and the printing is really professional.
some envelopes are brown and other cremito, it looks like kom cappuccino. if you'd like a catalogue for your store, email the address to kom @ komware.com and we'll happily pop one in the pigeon post.

and here it is digitally if you are really bursting to see it straight away : 


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