24 Sep 2009


pop pop pop yipeee

so now its spring in buenos aires,  and feria once again took to the streets . this time under the newly budding trees rather than the ominous clouds of winter.
spirits were high : ana vogelfang painted cactus on the wall and romina davis painted stars on everybody's faces.
 we set up a table, popped a spotty cloth over it and mixed and mingled . ONESIES ! LEGGINGS ! ROMPERS ! BUNTING ! and our little feet danced to dañel mirkin's galactic musical medly.
feria seems to have become a frequent little street-party. it's going to be monthly from now on, always there outside la prometida, delgado and arredondo, colegiales.  
we'll keep you posted about our next appearance, but as always feel free to call us with any questions, pick us up at coucou or pop over for a cup of tea at kom hq and we'll show you our goodies.

photos from feria here

24 Aug 2009


now when i collect my things off the belt at the supermarket, i reach into my pocket and unfold this little chap :

kompact and komfortable , it holds about 3 watermelons (large ones) . 

made from poplin and available in 6 prints. we've got pictures of the set on our flickr page . they're eyecatching and mouthwatering and ecococococo

1 Jul 2009



emi has been scouting out potential new spaces for some months, now she's found this little beauty :

you dont need to be squinting to see our super chairs in the foreground (the one in the foreground seems to be hosting about 4 cosy maminas). also, look up ! lo ! bunting !
emi was keen to get as much kom geometry as possible, so she asked us to panel her walls. anywayzzz, turn your computer off and do head over to the new coucou store to get a proper looksee.

a big pat pat on the back for emi and abig hip-hip-hurrah for the new coucou !

oh, find coucou on cyberspace here
also on facebook, fancy that said the cat

24 Jun 2009


some of our favourite couples : barbie + ken, donald + daisy, elvis + priscilla and frida + diego - and now kom + sopa.

we paired up with our friends in Palermo, this too cutesie for kindergarten little store, and we created these little drops of sugar :

they're super-cuddly squishy and bright little cactus. sopa made the cacti, we made the fabric. they come in brightly coloured ceramic pots hand made and hand painted by jose-luis. selling at sopa and on etsy

awwww squisshhy

19 Jun 2009


aha , what is this . . look ! it's our baby clothing ! all packaged and ready to be cycled over to coucou . 

we're a little proud , and we just managed to sell a set to our frrriends in frrrance . merci beaucoup . 

full pictures of the actual clothing unwrapped on our flickr page

15 Jun 2009


we're here , at this feria. it's kind of our inauguration and we're giving away K shaped cookies. 

pop by SATURDAY 20 JUNE , between 14.00 and 18.00. it's in a patio of a very pretty house in palermo, URIARTE 1318 (at the corner with niceto vega, so nice and close to the busy bit of palermo).

we're selling baby onesies (short and long sleeved) , leggings, jumpers and trousers for little people. along with our cuddly toy cactus and bunting. you also get to meet us, lucky you.

the last feria was a megahit, lots of people and lots of fun. this one has been adapted for winter, and isn't on the street. there will be hot drinks and fairy lights. chau

9 Jun 2009


buenos aires

they sell all our clothes, at the back of the store on the sweet mini baby clothes hangers. 
if you'd like to see our collection, have a peek HERE

emi at the counter is really seminal and will answer any questions you have

she also sells fifties furniture that she has restored with KOM fabrics :


we're ill. except pablo, lucky bastard. rosario is massively busy: taking florentina (aged 6) swimming at 5pm, as well as early morning torture yoga. basically i'm the ill one -  a cold / mild flu / man flu , so i'm drinking peppermint tea and cooking mini pinky potatoes that we bought from a midget peruvian in palermo. 

we're getting all the catalogues ready to send send send. last night we cut and folded about 50 , and today we've been stuffing them and stamping them. here is pablo the stamper.

and here is pablo pulling angry cat face.

the catalogues look nice, the paper is a bit flimsy, but it cost mucho because it's non bleached and eco as the icelandic . and the printing is really professional.
some envelopes are brown and other cremito, it looks like kom cappuccino. if you'd like a catalogue for your store, email the address to kom @ komware.com and we'll happily pop one in the pigeon post.

and here it is digitally if you are really bursting to see it straight away : 


30 May 2009


thank god the fabric arrived cause we were getting itchy.
its really nice, smells a bit like production line but that will wear off. it genuinely looks super, top 3 including rama coral, gotas pasto and gotas lima. 

i went to the roof to see them all together and take some photos for the flickr page. it was sunset so i didn't get many pictures, but i got a super view of the pastel coloured concrete fingers of buenos aires. the sun was orange, it was very apocalyptic.

10 May 2009


a sneaky offshot idea from the feria. 
we don't like to waste here at kom, so we used all our little offcuts to create these fancy little gems :

tira de 4.5 metros / 16 banderines 

verde y azul
verde y amarillo
rosa y naranja
rosa y verde
rosa y violeta
azul y rojo
rojo, verde y azul

length of bunting 4.5 metres / 16 flags

green and blue
green and yellow
pink and orange
pink and green
pink and purple
red and blue
red, green and blue

4 May 2009


hello everybody, hello autumn
our freshfaced friend alex put on this little show with the help of kom: FERIA PRESENTA
and here are some photos from the day too, take a wee peek.

it was on the pavement outside LA PROMETIDA, a lovely wholesome and happy little cafe in colegiales. lots of things for children to do: a wonderful workshop organised by laura, lucila painted faces and dañel brought his speakers and a casio keyboard and made  good noises. 
under the trees and under the bunting, in the street and in the sun. we were joined by our friends at coucou, maminas, puna, sopa de principe, laboratori and fabro . thank you everybody, thank you alex, well done kom.

27 Apr 2009


de coucou estampadas en telas de kom / by coucou covered with fabric by kom. aren't they nice?