24 Sep 2009


pop pop pop yipeee

so now its spring in buenos aires,  and feria once again took to the streets . this time under the newly budding trees rather than the ominous clouds of winter.
spirits were high : ana vogelfang painted cactus on the wall and romina davis painted stars on everybody's faces.
 we set up a table, popped a spotty cloth over it and mixed and mingled . ONESIES ! LEGGINGS ! ROMPERS ! BUNTING ! and our little feet danced to dañel mirkin's galactic musical medly.
feria seems to have become a frequent little street-party. it's going to be monthly from now on, always there outside la prometida, delgado and arredondo, colegiales.  
we'll keep you posted about our next appearance, but as always feel free to call us with any questions, pick us up at coucou or pop over for a cup of tea at kom hq and we'll show you our goodies.

photos from feria here

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